Top 5 Tips When Buying a New Couch

Top 5 Tips When Buying a New Couch

Top 5 Tips When Buying a New Couch

How To Choose The Right Couch For You

When you are buying a couch there are so many factors to consider before you make that final decision. When you begin browsing online you gather some ideas, but once you get to the store the variety can be overwhelming!

Here’s some top tips from Fitzgibbon Interiors to help make your couch shopping trip a breeze and stress-free. 


1. Come prepared

Our sales associates will always work hard to find the couch that suits you and your home. To help them help you, take a picture on your phone of the room you are buying the couch for. It is also a good idea to bring some measurements with you too, especially if you’re tight on space. If your home is not quite built yet, just bring the measurements and a paint swatch if you have one picked out.


2. Give the Couch a Purpose

This all comes down to how you will be spending time in your space. Is there a TV that you will be kicking back and watching? A recliner would suit you. Is this for a living room of a host with the most? Then maybe a corner suite with lots of seating (or sleeping!) room is best. If you’re the trend setter in your group, then maybe you should be considering a couple smaller pieces to make a statement with. If this is a living room for your young family, then consider a 3+2 set as they are super versatile: easy to arrange and remake a room, center a coffee table around, and transport when you move. 


3. Find Your Style

Choose a style that suits your room, but more importantly, your personality.  A good couch will reflect its owner. If you are modern, go for clean lines. If you like the vintage look, go for the classic designs. Couches come in all shapes and sizes, but as a piece that typically becomes the most used and loved, it is important the couch matches you and your home for years to come.


4. Choose Your Material

Choose which is better for you but ultimately something that provides functionality for your lifestyle. Leather sofas are consistently in style and wear well with age (and are generally child friendly!) but always remember there are different levels of leather so do ask before you buy! Beautiful soft fabrics with vibrant colours are the in style this season and many come with stain resistant fabric.


5. Pick Your Colour

The choice is endless and most good furniture stores will have a swatch book to go with the suite to match your finish. Don’t be afraid of colour! Some couches are the center of your room so you can build the room around it. If you don’t want to experiment pick a neutral colour and use cushions to change with the seasons, a brightly coloured swivel chair to match, a funky rug or colourful ottoman.


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